We've  come  This  far . . .

  • Maybe you've been around since the very beginning; maybe you've only just begun; the history  of Payne Avenue lives in all of us; develops in all of us; grows with all of us; continues with all of us.

  • 1930 - 1945

         79 members of the Ebenezer Baptist Church established Payne Avenue Missionary Baptist Church under the leadership of the late Reverend Horace J. Bailey

         Purchased the Christian Church property on Payne Avenue and Lithgoe St.  While renovations took place worship services were held at Green School

         A new brick structure was erected at a cost of $23,000

  • 1966

    Present property, the former site of the Memorial Baptist Church, was purchased for $105,000   

  • 1970

    Mortgage liquidated and a mortgage burning ceremony was held   

  • 1976

    Reverend Bailey passed away 10 months after a special recognition service was held for him.   

  • 1977

    •     The call to pastor was extended to Reverend Melford J. Robinson based on the recommendation of Reverend Bailey

    •     Church parsonage purchased, 2650 Parkview Avenue for the Pastor and his family

    •     Sanctuary remodeled

    •     Concrete ramp added and improvements made to parking lot

  • 1980

    H. J. Bailey annex was constructed for $100,000 and a van was purchased   

  • 1983

           Growth demanded renovations to include handicapped access; a new steeple; an illuminated cross on the outside at rear of the sanctuary

           Morning Worship and Sunday School Classes were held at Austin-East High School during this time while Evening Worship Services were held n the H. J. Bailey annex

           Renovations to the sanctuary began and included:  handicap access ramp; steeple; illuminated cross was hung on the rear of the church; six class rooms were added to the H. J. Bailey annex.

           Sunday, November 13, 1983, members marched from Austin-East High School to the new Sanctuary for a special dedication

           August, 1983, Reverend Robinson founded Metropolitan Baptist Church

           Interim Pastor Reverend O. W. Willis served for 18 months with Reverend Samuel Bates (deceased), Clarence Hall, Stanley Hickey, A J. Milton and Tyrone Steen serving as Associate Ministers

  • 1987

    •     On February 25, the Pulpit Committee extended an invitation to the Reverend Dwight E. Cook

    •     Rev. Cook preached his first sermon on April 5.  Under Rev Cook, the Sunday School was restructured. Sunday School classes in the Youth department were completed. Communion was restructured.

    •     Two lots were acquired on the corner of Louise and Harrison Street. 

    •     Reverend Cook pastored Payne Avenue until February of 1990.  Under his leadership, the following men were called to the ministry:  Samuel Bates; James R. Blevins; J. R. Cullom; Clarence Hall; Charles McAfee; Edmund McAfee; L. A. Morris; T. H. Northern; Gregory Sawyer; Tyrone Steen; Eugene Thomas and Dewey Wilson. 

  • 1990

    •     Rev. Frederick Brabson was appointed as interim Pastor.

    •     Under the leadership of Pastor Brabson, the Church Charter and weekly calendar of activities were restructured

    •     Rev. E. E. James; James C. Billings and other visiting ministers provided Pastoral services

  • 1993

    •     An invitation was extended to Rev Daniel Keys to become the 4th Pastor of the Payne Avenue Missionary Baptist Church

    •     Pastor Keys preached his first sermon on June 27, 1993.

      The parking lot was again expanded and the Church paid off the mortgage

        Pastor Keys resigned on February 11, 1996.

  • 1996

         Pulpit Committee extended an invitation to Rev. Richard S. Brown, Jr

  • 1997

    •   Pastor Brown preached his first sermon on Sunday, January 5.

    •   Expanded and remodeled; many other updates to the office and sanctuary occurred

    •   Media Library established with an appointed staff

    •   Worship Service; Fellowship Services and Out-Reach programs and recognition of visitors were restructured

         Several Ministries were restructured including:  Health Ministry; Susie Bond Scholarship program; Cash Management System

         A special Centennial Birthday recognition for the late Henry Higgins (January 24) and Mother Susie Bond (July 18)

    •   A Music Committee was organized.

         Deacon’s Care Ministry established

    •   Church Council was reorganized to increase member participation

  • 1998 – 2000

    •    Watch Night Service was initiated on December 31 for Fellowship and recognition of the New Year

    •    Services relocated to Vine Middle School during major renovations

    •    Renovations included: repairs to floor of Sanctuary; Steps added to front of Sanctuary; Sanctuary repainted; electrical system updated

    •    Women’s Chorus originated from the Freedom to Worship Service in August.

    •    The Men’s Chorus originated from a Men’s Day program – “Men Taking a Stand for God”.

    •    New organ purchased and installed in December, 2000.

  • 2001 – 2002

    •   The Church approved an outreach to Mechanicsville Medical Clinic in the form of financial support to their operational expenses

    •    Purchased a 14 passenger Van

    •   M.O.M.S (Mothers Offering Mutual Support) Ministry originated

    •   Super Saints Saturday was held for all males

       Black History month was celebrated with the Honorable Roland Dykes, the first African American Mayor in Newport, TN.

  • 2003 - 2004

    •   Parish Nurse was established

       Nursery re-opened

    •   Media Library added Video Monitors with Audio for members who could not join worship service in sanctuary

    •   A Marquee sign was installed at the front of the church

    •   Upgrades to the roof; kitchen; occurred

    •   Youth and Pantomime groups grew

    •   Rev. Isiah Blackman and Rev. Eugene Carter became Associate Ministers

    •   Youth of the church published a book, “The Fruit of the Spirit” under the guidance of Deacon Daryl Green

       God’s Blossoms was formed to prepare young girls for service

  • 2007

    •   God’s Blossoms was formed to prepare young girls for service

    •   Payne Avenue along with other area churches built a Habitat Home on Houston Street.

    •   The Church purchased two (2) lots on Houston Street

    •   Radio Ministry originated

  • 2008

    •   Support of the national program Operation Christmas Child – “The Shoe Box Ministry”

       The Angel Tree Ministry was born

  • 2009 – 2018

    • Purchased former Bi-Lo Market property (2017)

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