the music ministry

The Mission of the Payne Avenue Missionary Baptist Church Music Ministry is to edify the Saints through worship, praise and to support the Evangelism and the vision of our Pastorate by spreading the Gospel through song and sharing love in the community through charitable projects.

Minister of music

Eleanor Horton has served as Minister of Music for the Payne Avenue Missionary Baptist Church since January, 2011.  She brings a wealth of experience and talent to the ministry.  From an early age, she was influenced by her father, Pastor/Founder of the First A.M.E. Zion Church in Knoxville and her mother who played organ and piano.  She began her piano studies at the age of eight. Many years were spent accompanying her mother and playing for various choral groups. After high school graduation, she enrolled in Business Administration and Music Education at Maryville College.  As one of eight African-American students, she persevered in her studies and obtained a foundation in piano, voice, theory and choral arts within the Music department. Sister Horton transition to Knoxville Business College (currently South College) to pursue


Eleanor Horton, Piano

Greg Willis, Eleanor Horton, Keyboard

Greg Willis, Organ

Richard Brown, III,  Drums

Herb Donaldson, Bass Guitar

Luchie McGhee,  Lead Guitar

mass  choir

Under the direction of Minister of Music Eleanor Horton, the Payne Avenue Mass Choir leads the Worship Experience on the Sundays 1st; 2nd; and 3rd Sundays - January - July; September - December.

youth  choir

Under the direction of Gabriel Dennis, the youth, ages 10 years and up, praise God in song from Hymns to Contemporary songs.

The Youth Choir leads the Worship Experience on Youth Sunday, (the 4th Sunday of each Month).  They undergo training in such techniques as Breathing; Vocalizing; Enunciation; Projection; Ear Training with an emphasis on Self-Discipline.

Voice Section Leaders for Soprano are Sharon Kimbrough and Madia Dennis; for Alto is Carlesia Manning; and for Tenor is Lynnette Fain.

praise  team

Under the direction of Jessica E. Brown, the Praise  Team prepares the Congregation for the Worship Experience on the 3rd Sunday of each month.