The Deaconess exist to serve the Pastor and Deacons while encouraging women in their spiritual growth through study of God's Word.  This is accomplished by adhering to the Mission of the Church from Matthew 28:18-20

MInistry   members

Gina Armstrong

Betty Blackman, Co-Chair

Joyce Felder

Lacynda Harris, Chair

Mary E. Montgomery

Mary K. Montgomery

Johnnie Rodgers, Treasurer

Roslyn Robinson

Linda Siddell

      Cynthia Templin, Secretary


  • Deaconess are called to service as their husbands are ordained as Deacons or as their husbands are called to Preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ as is recorded in I Timothy 3.
  • Address the needs of women through discipleship, fellowship, study of God's Word, and practical application using Titus 2 as our foundation.
  • Maintain Communion and Baptismal properties as well as preparing Communion and candidates for Baptism on the 1st Sunday of the month.
  • Support the Pastor and Deacons with regular visitation of sick and shut-in members.
  • Support members experiencing grief
  • Stock Emergency Food box
  • Provide mentorship for the M.O.M.S. (Mother's Offering Mutual Support) Ministry
  • Participate in other Ministries of the Church.